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Have a performance coming up and need help making it truly engaging? Our collection of example performance activities is here to make it easy.

We are here to give you the confidence to create and present your own interactive performances and better connect with your audience. Our guides and tips make it easy to add interactive elements to your concerts.

Once you have selected your repertoire, we recommend searching our activities and choosing a few for your performance. Try to mix it up! Vary interaction styles and build from lower to higher interactivity levels over the course of your program. Make sure that a theme or narrative connects the musical selections on your program.

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  • Concert Hall / solo recitals, chamber music, orchestra concerts, on a formal stage
  • Community / libraries, hospitals, museums, nursing homes, family orchestra concerts
  • Educational / school / classroom, education concerts in a concert hall, educational goals

Musical Idea

Browse options by the musical idea you want to explore with the audience.

  • Texture & Orchestration
  • Emotion & Expression
  • Melody & Form
  • Rhythm & Tempo

Interaction Style

Each activity has symbols that depicts the type of activity you will get your audience to do.







Interactivity Level

We made a scale!

Additional Resources

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  2. Inclusivity Modification Guide

Ready to find your perfect performance activities? Let’s get started.