Scene Painting: Drawing Edition

Photo by Ezequiel Williams /, courtesy of New World Symphony


Audience will be able to visualize a scene to accompany a piece, and translate that scene onto paper.


Draw a picture to go along with the performance. Have participants draw as the group plays, or draw in response to the group’s performance. Participants can draw at their seats if they have the supplies, or join the performers on stage.


  1. Invite the audience to draw along with the performance.
  2. Ask the audience to share their drawings, and ask if there were specific musical things that inspired their drawings.

Audience Type

What does this activity look like in action?

Example Script:

Performer: The next piece on our program always brings really vivid images to my mind. I want you all to share with us what comes to your mind.


(Follow up, if desired): Who would like to share their painting? What did you hear in the music that inspired your painting?


  • Drawing competition – vote for best scene.
  • Can ask many of the specific questions as outlined in Scene Painting: the Original.
  • Can be volunteer to stage format as well


  • Depending on the level of interactivity:
    • Easel board and markers if done from the stage (performers or volunteers)
    • Individual paper and markers for audience members.

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