Introspective Feeling

Photo courtesy of New World Symphony


Audience will connect emotionally with the piece being performed.


Ask introspective/reflective questions to get the audience in the mindset of your performance. “Think of a time when you FELT this way…” “Think of a time when you had the experience of being…”


  1. Reflect on the piece you’re performing, and the emotions it conjures. Does it remind you of a feeling or experience you’ve had outside music? Try to think of a situation most people will be able to relate to and connect with. See if you can describe that feeling or situation. This could be relaxation, stress, anger, wonder, etc.
  2. During the performance, ask the audience if they can imagine that same real life experience, describing the scenario in detail to make it as real as possible.


Audience Type

What does this activity look like in action?

Example 1

Piece: Steve Reich – City Life

Performer: (ideal for NYC audience). We’d like you to imagine the following scene. It’s the middle of the day, and you’re standing outside in Midtown Manhattan. You can hear car horns, sirens, birds chirping, the shuffle of feet on the pavement, the sound of hundreds of people talking and conversing around you. The sun is shining above, direct and hot on your skin. The smell of the falafel truck down the street wafts in your direction, accompanied by a faint burning smell. You look up and the buildings tower above you. We welcome you to immerse yourself in the sometimes stressful and overwhelming experience of the city around us as we perform Steve Reich’s City Life.

Example 2

Piece: Arvo Pärt – Speigel im Speigel

Performer: Think of a time you felt really relaxed. No worries cross your mind, and you have no thoughts of the next thing you have to do pressing on your conscience. You’re comfortable, not too warm or cold, and your aches and pains have floated away for the moment. Perhaps you’re sitting comfortably outside, watching the clouds float by. Perhaps you’re curled up in your favorite chair at home, sipping on a cup of tea. Imagine all the sensations you feel in this place of comfort as we perform Arvo Pärt’s Spiegel im Spiegel.


  • Level goes up to 2 if you ask the audience what feelings the performance evoked for them.


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